• Just announced. Way excited to play my first #ACL with the Atlas Genius fam alongside some living legends. (at Zilker Park)

  • Without exaggeration and with the deepest sincerity, I believe this is one of the few masterpieces of music I’ve seen the release of in my lifetime. The depth of this work is unparalleled. My heart bursts out of my chest with every listen. Happy one year of #ChooseYourWeapon, and thank you @hiatuskaiyote. I hope to cherish this record for the rest of my days.

  • Grateful to be ending our run with a sold out show in my hometown. Equally grateful for all the amazing friends and musicians I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with this past month, along with all the wonderful folks we’ve met on the road. Los Angeles, I love you. #AtlasGenius #SkylarGrey #TheYoungWild #Fender #ElReyTheatre #GoldenVoice #JourneysTour #LosAngeles (at El Rey Theater)

  • Not quite the “day off” in “Nashville” we originally envisioned. (at Truck Center of Mt Vernon)

  • 2 week mark of the #AtlasGenius tour, Chitown tonight. 📷: @arielkassulke (at Bottom Lounge)

  • Trading 4’s with Keith tonight in Vancouver #AtlasGenius (at VENUE)

  • First show in Portland:✔️
    Seattle tonight. 📷:@Mikepaek (at Showbox Seattle)

  • Playing with Atlas Genius on The Late Late Show With James Corden tonight!! I’m SO unbelievably in love with this brand new #FenderElite Telecaster, endless thanks to Fender and @mschulz83. Tune in tonight on #CBS. #AtlasGenius #Stockholm #thelatelateshow #JamesCorden #Fender (at The Late Late Show With James Corden)